Lullabies & Battle Cries (Our War with Cancer)

Ode to Andrew

In a way, I am relieved for him. He fought so incredibly hard for so incredibly long… He was gashed opened and sawed apart and bloodied to a pulp on more than one occasion (quite literally). Yet, he continued to… Read More ›

Steroid HELL

This tale is about STEROIDS. I could write another tragically beautiful poem about their wrath. Perhaps I will another day. For now, I will leave my long-winded explanations and get to the punch lines as quickly as possible. This will be my cliff notes version of their prolonged stay in our home. I say that the […]

D-Day (Diagnosis Day)

Prelude: I am cataloging the memories and experiences from our first year of Brooks’ battle with cancer. I hope our struggles, endeavors, surrenders and victories may give hope to other families fighting their own battles. I also am interested to see what recalling these… Read More ›