About the author

Amanda Tiernan Cabe is a corporate accountant turned master of the domestic realm; she has been dominating the parenting game since 2012. She is mom to the world’s greatest superhero duo and wife to a “used-house salesman” of unmatched talents. Together, the four, make quite a team.

Amanda (Mandy to some) talks candidly about all aspects of life. She is comfortable bearing her darkest secrets. Perhaps hearing some of her behaviors, will make you feel better about your own.

Amanda plans to return to the professional world some day but for now, her “momstrous” talents are expressed at home. Her youngest (now two) was diagnosed with lymphoma at 17 months, she will stay home with him until his health encourages otherwise. Much of her self-confidence and willingness to share her struggles comes from strength God provided during the past year’s challenges.

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