Month: May 2017

Blog Factory Sweatshop

It has been almost two weeks since my last blog posting… This is a longer break than I wanted to take between posts. The “successful” blogs that I follow would never indulge in such silence! In the blog factory, I am severely… Read More ›

Ferociously Mommy

If there is anything that the last year has taught me, it is that there is one word to summarize the strongest force on the planet: MOTHER! If properly provoked, an unassuming gang of mommies would absolutely annihilate an entire arena filled with the toughest… Read More ›

Steroid HELL

This tale is about STEROIDS. I could write another tragically beautiful poem about their wrath. Perhaps I will another day. For now, I will leave my long-winded explanations and get to the punch lines as quickly as possible. This will be my cliff notes version of their prolonged stay in our home. I say that the […]